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Develop Power with OUTWORK Plyometrics - Senior Level 1


Power is the ability to produce a great amount of force quickly. A skill that any athlete would want in their toolbox. Who wouldn’t want to improve their ability to generate power?


In this introductory once a week, 6-Week program, we develop a program that will help develop quick and powerful movements through a system of reactive, patterned and explosive exercises. Plyometric training adds a fun and challenging component to a training program. Using movements such as bounding, hops, depth jumps, and combination jumps, the program will establish a foundation of stability, motor control, improved patterning, eccentric strength, joint integrity, flexibility, and decrease the chances of injury. 



  • Increase Your Vertical 
  • Improve Your Reaction Time
  • Improve Your Overall Athletic Performance 
  • Improve Your Agility 
  • Improve Your Sprint Times
  • Improve Your Distance Running

OUTWORK Plyometrics - Senior Level 1

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